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New Mattress Sales Result in


Return on Ad Spend


Leveraging Facebook Ads to Generate Leads and Drive New Mattress Revenue

This case study outlines the successful implementation of a Facebook advertising campaign aimed at promoting our mattress trade-in program. The campaign offered customers a trade-in value of up to $300 in exchange for their old mattresses, with the goal of driving new mattress sales. The study analyzes the results achieved over a period of 20 days, with a total ad spend of $720 and resulting revenue of $8,800.


  • Generate leads and increase brand awareness through targeted Facebook advertising.

  • Encourage customers to participate in the mattress trade-in program.

  • Drive new mattress sales and increase revenue.


  • Ad Creation: We crafted an engaging and visually appealing Facebook ad campaign, highlighting the trade-in program and the benefits of upgrading to a new mattress.

  • Targeting: The ad was specifically targeted to individuals in our desired demographic, considering factors such as age, location, and interests related to sleep and home furniture.

  • Budget Allocation and Duration: An ad spend of $720 was allocated for a duration of 20 days, ensuring consistent exposure to the target audience.

  • Data Analysis: The campaign's performance was continually monitored and key metrics were measured, including the number of mattresses sold and the generated revenue.


  • Ad Spend: A total of $720 was invested in the Facebook ad campaign over 20 days, accounting for the cost of ad creation, targeting, and optimization.

  • Mattress Units Sold: The campaign resulted in the sale of 5 mattresses.

  • Revenue: The total revenue generated from the sales amounted to $8,800.


  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): The campaign achieved a ROAS of 12.2, calculated by dividing the generated revenue ($8,800) by the ad spend ($720).

  • Cost per Acquisition (CPA): The CPA can be calculated by dividing the ad spend ($720) by the number of mattresses sold (5), resulting in a CPA of $144 per mattress sale.

  • Value of Trade-in Program: The trade-in program proved to be an effective incentive, driving customers to purchase new mattresses and contributing to the overall revenue generated.

  • Need for Further Optimization: While the campaign produced positive results, further optimization could be explored to increase the conversion rate and improve ROI.

In conclusion, our Facebook ad campaign promoting the trade-in program for mattresses resulted in the sale of 5 units, generating revenue of $8,800 over a 20-day period with $720 of ad spend. That's a 12.2x return on ad spend.

The use of targeted advertising, coupled with the enticing trade-in offer, played a vital role in attracting customers and encouraging new mattress sales. The positive return on ad spend (ROAS) and relatively low cost per acquisition (CPA) highlight the campaign's success in achieving its objectives. By analyzing the results and seeking further optimization opportunities, we can continue to enhance our Facebook advertising strategy and drive sustainable growth in new mattress sales.

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